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Contact our office for discounts on multiple-title orders.
All of Direct Cinema's orders are filled with VHS tapes in US/Canada NTSC format unless otherwise noted. DVDs are in US/Canada Format 1 unless otherwise noted. Customer accepts responsibility for ordering the appropriate format for his/her needs.
International shipping is available. Rates follow:
  • Canada: For home video customers: $8.00 for the first tape, $3.00 for each additional tape. For educational customers: $12 for the first tape, $3.00 for each additional tape.
  • Countries other than Canada: $20.00 for the first tape, $3.00 for each additional tape.
Yes, if you are interested in an internship in film distribution and/or DVD production (when we are in production), for not less than three months at 20 hours per week, for a stipend or college credit, please e-mail a resume to:
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The Public Performance License gives its holders the right to recite, play, dance, act, or show work in a public place. This includes transmitting it to the public via closed-circuit television, the Internet, or broadcasting it. In the case of motion pictures or videotapes, showing the work's images in sequence is considered "performance." Showing a short clip may be allowed in some situations.


Films and videotapes have copyrights that restrict the manner in which they can be shown. There are two issues to consider:

  1. There is a clear distinction between "home" versus "public" viewings. If you buy or rent a film or a videotape, you always have permission to show it in your home. However, you are not allowed to show it in a classroom, library or any other public place without a Public Performance License.
  2. If you are charging an admission (or viewing) fee, it always requires an explicit public performance license.

How to obtain a Public Performance License:

If you wish to show a film or video tape outside your home and/or charge a fee, you must have an acceptable Public Performance License. There are a number of ways to obtain these rights:

  • Purchase a copy of the film or video at at the "educational price" that comes with a Public Performance License.
  • If you already own a copy that you purchased at a consumer price, contact customer service at for details on obtaining a license.
  • If the title is not available for educational purchase, you will need to obtain written Public Performance rights from the copyright holder.

Further Information: If you are interested in learning more about intellectual property laws, see the U.S. Government web sites at or If you have further educational sales questions, please contact

Unopened tapes may be returned for credit (minus shipping) within 30 days. Damaged tapes can be replaced for a small service and handling fee within 12 months of purchase date.
We use a secure service to process credit card transactions. Your orders are guaranteed.
How to submit a film for consideration: We do not accept unsolicited videotapes. If you have a finished film idea or film in production which you think would be of interest to us (you can see the kind of films we distribute by browsing our website) you can send us a short description of your film via e-mail. Send it to If the description interests us we will contact you to find out how we could see your film. But please bear in mind that we distribute only a handful of new films each year. They can be animation, live action fiction and documentaries.

In addition to our online checkout system, Direct Cinema accepts orders by phone, fax, email, or mail.

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Please note:

All orders are subject to acceptance.

Shipping & Handling is added to all orders.

S & H for all home video orders processed online is $6.00 for first tape, $3.00 for each additional tape.

S & H for all institutional orders processed by phone or with a purchase order is $15.00 for first tape, $3.00 for each additional tape.

Sales tax may apply to orders purchased by individuals or institutions in CA.

Direct Cinema Limited, Inc. is a California Corporation and is not subject to back up withholding for taxes.