Cunnamulla (DVD)

Cunnamulla (DVD)

Filmmakers: Dennis O'Rourke
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Cunnamulla, 800 kilometres west of Brisbane, is the end of the railway line. In the months leading up to a scorching Christmas in the bush, there's a lot more going on than the annual lizard race.

Other credits: Produced and Directed by Dennis O`Rourke
Executive Producers: Stefan Moore and Chris Oliver
Cinemtography: Dennis O`Rourke, Simon Smith
Editors: Dennis O`Rourke, Andrea Lang
Music Supervisor: Christine Woodriff
"An amazing, jaw dropping excursion into territory which may not be pretty but is dreadfully real."
--Richard Kuipers, Urban Cinefile

"Certain to provoke controversy, Cunnamulla is arguably Dennis O'Rouke's most powerful and subversive work... a vivid, disturbing, unforgettable portrait."
Andrew Urban, Urban Cinefile

"Well-made...O'Rourke depicts the title Queensland town as a place peopled entirely by characters who are desperately marginalized or terrifyingly reactionary...well-constructed."

"O'Rourke's tour-de-force portrait of the wacky, endearing, sometimes-heartbreaking people living in a small town of Queensland."