Close to Home Discovery Health version (DVD)

Close to Home Discovery Health version (DVD)

Filmmakers: Alexandra Dickson , Vanessa Roth
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Weaves together intimate interviews of abuse victims and videotaped forensic testimony. Contrasts five personal accounts of child sex abuse with the chilling statements of convicted sex offenders.

Other credits: Produced and Directed by Vanessa Roth and Alexandra Dickson
Music Score Composed by Peter Harris
"Dreamland" written, produced and performed by Bruce Hornsby
Produced by the Mark McGwire Foundation for Children and Big Year Productions, Inc.
"A wrenching film, as important as it is difficult to watch, that deals with the devastation of childhood sexual abuse. The documentary consists of interviews with adult survivors of abuse, children who are just now confronting their experience and, most chilling, convicted offenders talking about their strategies in group therapy sessions. As one of them explains, `The predator isn`t the guy in the bushes, picking up kids in the schoolyard. Most child molesters are people in your lives.` "
--Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times

"This film is powerful and, at times, overwhelming. My gratitude and admiration go out to the brave survivors who chose to participate in our film. Their honesty and forthrightness will help spread the message that child sexual abuse must stop and we all must do our part to make this topic no longer taboo."
--Mark McGwire, St. Louis Cardinals

"Close To Home has a powerful cumulative impact, and likely will enjoy a long afterlife in educational and therapeutic venues."

"Close To Home is an outstanding example of the important contribution that a documentary can make toward increasing public awareness of the impact of interpersonal violence on the health of children."
--Robert Geffner, Ph.D
Founder and President, Family Violence & Sexual Assault Institute

"..a marvelous educational tool. I strongly endorse Close To Home as an important contribution to the growing resources that can assist a wide variety of audiences in understanding sexual abuse."
--Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D.
Author and Editor, The Dissociative Child

" extraordinary documentation of the pain, horror and extreme complexity of child sexual abuse."
--Paul Jay Fink, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry, Temple University School of Medicine and past President, American Psychiatric Association