Heck With Hollywood!, The

Heck With Hollywood!, The

Filmmakers: Doug Block
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Chronicles four years in the live of three first-time, "no-budget" independent filmmakers. Fast-paced, grimly comic reality check, a cautionary tale of the business end of show business.

"The definitive work on the plight of the independent."
--Screen International

"A fascinating study of how three independent feature film s came to be made and the trials and travails their filmmakers went through."
--San Francisco Chronicle

"Absolutely not to be missed by anyone interested in film!"
--The Oregonian

"A nimble, amazingly comprehensive documentary."
--Washington Post

"A must-see primer."
--Boston Globe

"Every aspiring filmmaker in America should be tied to a chair and forced to watch The Heck With Hollywood!"
--Morrie Worshawski (Editor, The Next Step: Distributing Independent Film and Video)