Garden of Eden, The

Garden of Eden, The

Filmmakers: Lawrence Hott , Roger Sherman
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Using humor, logic, and stunning outdoor photography, this Oscar-nominated film explains how environmental interests can cooperate with corporate and government developers to achieve apparently conflicting goals.

Other credits: A Production of the Nature Conservancy, Florentine Films
Produced and Directed by Lawrence R. Hott and Roger Sherman
"The examples, the narration, and the skillful use of film clips and cartoons results in a strong argument for the perservation of species diversity in the only way possible -- habitat protection."
--Choice Magazine

"Because extinction is forever, environmentalists ask man to stop trampling on the needs of other creatures and to leave a rich diverse world for their descendents. A good environmental film."
--Landers Film Reviews

"Great for discussion -- raises some ideas that are relatively new and not widely known."
--EFLA Evaluations