My Khmer Heart (VHS)

My Khmer Heart (VHS)

Filmmakers: Janine Hosking
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A poignant view of Pol Pot?s legacy through the eyes of a Geralding Cox, an Australian expatriate who, during a bloody coup, is fighting to keep open a government-owned orphanage in Cambodia.

Other credits: Producers: Janine Hosking, Leonie Lowe
Screenwriter-director: Janine Hosking
Directors of Photography: Rod Pollard, Noel Jones, Greg Barbera
Editor: David Schmidt
From ICandy Productions
"This film absolutely cannot fail to captivate an audience...a powerful experience."
--The Hollywood Reporter

"Generates surges of genuine emotional involvement as it profiles the colorful and sometimes foolhardy Geraldine Cox...Gracefully shot and edited, featuring well-inserted music..."

"A visual feast. As its multi-layered plot unfolds, it feels as if you are watching a lavish feature film."
--The Australian

"Fascinating...addresses the way that larger issues reverberate within an individual's universe. Geopolitics becomes a matter of orphaned children and firsthand experience with politicians who settle election disputes through beatings and killings. It makes distant matters seem very present..."My Khmer Heart" meets tough reality head-on."
--The New York Times

"A stirring choice for Public Library collections."
-- Booklist