Nobody Listened

Nobody Listened

Filmmakers: Nestor Almendros , Jorge Ulla
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A powerful indictment of thirty years of Castroism, causing nearly everyone to listen, Nobody Listened is a moving, universal hymn to freedom.

Other credits: Produced, written, and directed by Jorge Ulla and Nestor Almendros.
Associate producers: Marcelino Miyares, Jorge A. Rodriguez, Albert E. Jolis
Edited by Gloria Pineyro and Esther Duran
Director of photography: Orson Ochoa
Produced by the Cuban Human Rights Film Project
"A stark and terrifying documentary that will chill you to the bone..."
--Kathleen Carroll, New York Daily News
"An urgent and painful litany. a stinging and trenchant indictment of radical chic..."
--Janet Maslin, The New York Times
"Compelling! A vigours indictment of Castro's harsh treatment of dissidents and, implicitly, the faily of Wester leftists to pay attention to negative testimony about the Cuban Revolution..."
--Judy Snow, The San Francisco Chronicle
"This film sends chills up the spine. Thirty years ago, the images of Fidel Castro and his comrades marveled the good sconsceinces of the West. Now that the beautiful dream has been shattered, a tyrant is left..."
"Nobody Listened is the story of an overlong silence, of the end of a 30 year myth of Castroism -- or the history of the disappointment of a vast collective hope. The silence has been broken..."--Le Monde

"Powerful! A moving experience."
--Lloyd Sachs, Chicago Sun-Times
"It is not giving away the ending to say that the last haunting frame will stay with you a long time. Nobody Listened radiates a hope that decency will prevail..."
--Jami Bernard, NY Post
"A searing, relentless and toucing account..."
--Ed Kaufman, Hollywood Reporter

"Such is the skill, the power and the conviction with which Almendtos and Ulla filmed their witnesses, and the ever-building, crescendo -- like movement of the film, that I think that anyone who sees Nobody Listened will just have to listen..."
--Richard Roud, The Guardian(London)