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Filmmaker: Mitchell Block
DVD - $ 95.00
Price listed includes Public Performance License.
Part of the Mitchell Block Collection lies presents itself as a cinema vérité documentary. A film student interviews a friend to fulfill a class assignment. Shot in one day at Park Avenue and 33rd Street in New York, at the home of filmmaker Muffie Mayer, the film features cameraman Alex Hirschfeld and actress Shelby Leverington. It was made by Mitchell Block as his MFA thesis at NYU, School of the Arts, Institute of Film and Television, Graduate Division in 1972. Block has written about this film in “F is for Phony” (Univ. of Minn. Press, Sept. 2006.) Contact Direct Cinema for a poster/study guide, “making of” article and a bibiliography. lies is cited in 17 books on cinema productions and studies. lies won over 40 film festival awards and, packaged as “A Woman’s Special,” won an Emmy for WGBH.
Directed by Mitchell Block
Camera by Alec Hirschfeld
"The Woman": Shelby Leverington

Running Time: 16 minutes

This DVD also includes: lies Rehearsal Tapes: A week before the shoot, filmmakers shot a rehearsal at Block’s home. On the day of the shoot, they set up in the morning and shot a run through at the location prior to shooting the film. The film was shot in color negative film. Rehearsal Tapes were recorded on a Sony Portapak, using 1/2 inch, black and white reel to reel tape. The tapes were recovered and are now available for the first time, thanks to Alan Bloom, California State University Los Angeles.
Running Time Tape One: 16 minutes
Running Time Tape Two: 15 minutes

Speeding? is a short film for driver’s educational classes on speeding and is still widely used. Again, Alec Hirschfeld is the cameraman and Block populates the film with actors from television and Hollywood films (Lucille Benson, Anne Dusenberry, Jeffery Kramer, Dick Miller, Vincent Schiavelli, Ray Sharkey, Jessie White and Gigi Vorgan) and gives directors Martin Brest and Stephen Verona rare onscreen apperances. The Corona, California traffic unit and the California Highway Patrol provide the film with the reality of working traffic officers. A student at UCLA remarked after a screening, “How did you happen to film all of those movie stars after they got a ticket?” After making lies, a serious work, Block wanted to do something with some comedy that would also continue to explore reality and fiction in a film that would mix actors and real people. What could be better than police in uniforms and speeders? Speeding? was done as a UCLA Project 3 while Block was in the doctoral program. The film received a production grant from the American Film Institute.
A film by Mitchell Block and Alec Hirschfeld
Running Time: 21 minutes

Rehearsal Tape 1:

Rehearsal Tape 2:

Running time: 68 minutes, Year released: 2007
Close captioned?: N, Color?: Y
Avail. formats: dvd
ISBN: 9781559747462
Language: English, Subtitled?: N
For classroom?: Y, Study Guide?: N
Grade level: 10th and up


"It is a searingly real experience as she tells and relives it."
--Archer Winsten, New York Post

"For therapists working with women who have been victims of sexual assault, I suggest that one good way to move into a new place of understanding for them is to view " lies."
--Jean MackKellar, author (Rape: The Bail and the Trap and Patterns in Forcible Rape) as quoted in The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy

"It tears you up. It is devastating."
--Cecil Smith, Los Angeles Times

"One of the most extraordinary films we havve seen."
--Media and Methods
Emmy Award, Best Community Service Program
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